About Jill Geoffrion

The Rev. Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion, Ph.D., loves to pray and inspire others to do the same! For over thirty-five years she has been leading group prayer experiences. Her dissertation focused on a contemporary understanding of the Lord’s Prayer. Having prayed while walking a labyrinth, Jill accepted God’s call to use this spiritual tool regularly, and to share with others what she learned. She is one of the world’s experts on the labyrinth. Current research and writing focuses on the benefits of using labyrinths in contexts of suffering, construction of Chartres-style labyrinths, and labyrinths found in medieval manuscripts. You can visit her website at www.jillgeoffrion.com.

Teaching, inspiring and encouraging church and community leaders around the globe is Jill’s goal as she ministers through Faith, Hope and Love Global Ministries. Jill’s commitment to visual, experiential, and intellectual learning allow her to serve others as she creates classes, retreats and events that incorporate body, mind and spirit. While researching labyrinths in France, Jill was deeply moved by the beauty and call of the Chartres Cathedral. She has made over forty pilgrimages to this church and now spends 3-4 months in Chartres each year. She combines her love for the cathedral with her deep desire to support others as they open themselves to God. Always desiring to connect others with Christ’s profound love, Jill designs visits, spiritual direction sessions, presentations, and pilgrimages for individuals and groups according to their goals and needs while in Chartres. Jill also continues to research, photograph, and publish on this Unesco World Heritage site. Minister, author, photographer, speaker, spiritual mentor, retreat facilitator, labyrinth designer & installer, pilgrimage consultant, trainer of labyrinth facilitators, researcher, and visual artist all describe Jill.

Jill prays on the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Jill prays on the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

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