Taking Root: The Labyrinth in Myanmar

My heart is jumping for joy! I literally cannot believe my eyes! The labyrinth is appearing on the floor of the new chapel here at the seminary in Yangon.

A paper Chartres-style labyrinth diagram had been given to the builders. Thanks to Robert Ferré (www.labyrinth-enterprises.com), the correct measurements were shared. Together with the architect who had never seen a labyrinth before, we came up with a diagram for the dimensions and placement of the first-ever permanent indoor labyrinth in Myanmar.

Day by day, right behind the workers carrying bags of sand, I would walk up the five flights of newly built stairs.

At first, all I could do was to check on the progress of the floor construction.

But then one happy day, I saw more. The workers seemed as pleased as I!

We checked to make sure that the measurements were accurate. Thankfully, they were perfect!

Now, every day is more exciting than the last as more and more of the labyrinth appears. First came the outer turns.

Then more of pathway.

Next, the crown (as the architect here calls it) was installed.

The center was saved for last.

I walked the pathway to make sure all was as it should be. My prayers for all those who would come and pray this labyrinth flowed freely all the way to the center and back out! The next step will be filling in the dividing lines with a black material, shaping jade color terrazzo stone to fill in the path, and installing yellow terrazzo stone around the outside.

I’m leaving the country now, so I won’t be able to watch more of this labyrinth’s birth.  I can’t wait to be back to walk it with the seminary community during its dedication in June!

The cross at the center. The beginning of all the measurements.

Prayer: May all who work build this labyrinth and all who walk it be blessed by Your Presence, dear God. Amen!

Question for reflection: If you could be the first person to walk a new labyrinth, what would you pray for?

Scriptural Touchstone: “You gave me a place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip.”

8 thoughts on “Taking Root: The Labyrinth in Myanmar

  1. Jeff Saward says:

    Splendid stuff Jill – be sure to enter this on the Locator when finished!

    • I promise to list it, Jeff. The Seminary has already expressed their interest in having it on the locator (as has the company that is installing it–they are so proud to be the first to construct an in-floor in Myanmar).

  2. This is just fantastic!!! May we share this story with the congregation at the St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Houston TX. They are bringing us to
    Houston to speak in March. We would love to share this story with them! Love you….Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinths in Stone

  3. Liz Geoffrion says:

    Jill, I’m so thrilled for you to see the labyrinth project coming to fruition! My heart leaps with joy for you and all those who will now be blessed with this wonderful tool of prayer! My first walk of the labyrinth would be to ask a blessing for all who walk and pray there. My second would be to ask God’s special blessing on me. Safe travels and more blessings for you and Tim!

  4. Jean says:

    Seems to me that you have brought to these people an art form they connect to almost quicker than the religion that inspired it! Circles within circles within circles are an almost intuitive pattern for us all, but particularly in that part of our world. Wonderful! Bill and I have put our place up for sale and have put our names in at Scandia in Sister Bay for an apartment. Time and tides! We just quietly celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary! Remember us young! Love, Jean

  5. Valerie Strand Patterson says:

    Jil, Amazing, wonderful, so exciting, so full of grace! Some of the wonderful fruits of you and Tim stepping out to follow the Spirit’s leading. May all who walk this labyrinth know peace and God’s presence. Valerie

  6. Wonderful to see the progress of its construction!


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