Trusting in God

“Look carefully, look care-full-y” was the message I received when praying early on Sunday morning.

Later, when we arrived at a house church, I was ready “to see whatever there was to see.” Making my way into the kitchen to greet the pastor’s wife, I was startled and delighted to find a 16 day old baby.

I asked if I could hold her. She and I looked into each other’s eyes. I felt as if I was witnessing something beyond words, something beautiful, deep and true.

All through the service, I kept returning to the wonderful feeling of holding and connecting with that new life. My heart felt completely open to her, completely curious, completely smitten! I wanted to look into her eyes some more.

After the service, I watched as others held her. Then I got my turn. She was sound asleep, so I lay her on my knees.

Looking down, I saw a vision of complete trust. She slept so soundly, so peacefully, so securely in my lap.

Of course I struggle to trust God, like every adult I know. But in that moment of seeing, I was given an image to encourage and inform  me. I am just as safe and secure in God’s care as that precious life was in mine. I knew it then, and even now, four days later, as I recall the feel of that baby’s warmth, I know something I didn’t know when I arrived at church. I know that no matter what happens (and we all know many things happen in this life), I can find a feeling of trust in God that is true.

Question for Reflection: If God reminded me to look carefully, to look care-full-y, what might I be alert enough to see today?

Prayer: Thanks be to You, God. Thanks for beauty that is beyond words, truth that is shared by looking into the eyes of another, love that has no strings, and trust. Help me to rest as I trust in You and Your love.

Scriptural Touchstone:
“… happy are those who trust in God.”
Proverbs 16:20b

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