What Makes Me Pause

Sunrise behind a pagdoa

The day starts beautifully. I stopped writing an email (internet connections are fastest before 8:00 am)  to appreciate the rising of the sun.

On the way to school, I gaze out the window of my taxi. I consider the lives of those around me.

Through the lens of my camera I see the incredible blessings of our lives–meaningful work,

students who are eager to learn,

and a shared value of using your gifts in service of others.

After class, I walk through the neighborhood. The construction of a new classroom building is the fulfillment of many years of prayers.

Arriving at the home of a friend, we share a cup of tea and a conversation that takes us to the heights and depths of our lives. A sense of gratitude for our friendship of twenty-plus year wells up within me.

When the community gathers for worship, my voice joins many others. Singing lifts my spirit into the presence of God; I let myself feel my body resonating with the shared sound and message.

Tim waits for me as I stop to enjoy the beauty of a woven hat sitting on a pole. Beauty is everywhere! It’s a joy to see it.

Sharing greetings, laughter and bits of news with a woman from the Peace Studies Center who I worked with two years ago is an unexpected surprise.

On the way “home” to our hotel, I take in the sounds, sights, and smells of the urban streets. I wonder about the challenges of feeding a family.

Two colleagues have been attending a conference held where we live. They join me for an hour of discussion, questions, and laughter.

Afterwards, I pause to sleep. The fullness of my life can feel almost overwhelming. Gratitude seems to keep me grounded. Being in the habit of pausing when I notice that something important, beautiful, or out of the ordinary makes the fullness vibrant.

Question for Reflection: When did I last pause to appreciate what is happening? What would help me to do this more?

Prayer: God, for the gifts of this day, a gorgeous sunrise, a friend’s loving smile, an important question to ponder, the joy of community, and rest, I give You thanks. Amen.

One thought on “What Makes Me Pause

  1. Jill, I love how you capture your thoughts in rich but simple ways.
    Thanks for adding us to your journey [I’m RSS’g]

    And, thank Tim for the pub that let me find your blog.

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