Why Bother Going To Church?

Here are a few answers to the question, “Why bother going to church?” that came to mind yesterday morning as I sat in the worship service.

A weekly infusion of Mystery helps me stay balanced.

No matter where I am in the world, I am never alone. Brothers and sisters in the faith always welcome me into their community. (A special thanks to Alan for inviting us to this particular worship service.)

I love being reminded of the Biblical stories that speak to my heart. I love pondering them.

There are often surprises that delight. In Asia, you approach the altar with bare feet. That’s what I call a treat!

Beauty calls with a voice that can strengthen in the most amazing ways.

Plaque Caption: Blind missionary to the blind...

Stories–verbal, visual or embodied–inspire me.

Tabernacle Carving

My soul is fed.

Beforehand and afterwards, there are always people to meet, and conversations to be shared.

There are some other significant reasons that I embodied yesterday: singing connects my heart and mind, praying for all those people and concerns that I am carrying in my heart is encouraged and supported, appreciating the sense of history and the unseen communion of saints that are with us fosters a sense of awe, kneeling is a posture that reminds me of who God is to me, hearing the stories of Scripture in new ways based on my current life circumstances happens, pondering my life in the presence of God occurs naturally when I sit still for twenty minutes (if the sermon doesn’t hold my attention, I still use the time to let God influence my perspectives), being challenged to let go of the past and live into God’s deep desires is something I value and need.

Question for reflection: Based on your most recent experience of being in worship, how do you answer the question, “Why do I bother going to church?”

Prayer: God, thank You for helping me to get to church yesterday. Thank You for meeting me there–in my heart, the Scriptures, the light, the wine and bread, the images, the stories, and those who worshipped with me. Amen!

One thought on “Why Bother Going To Church?

  1. poponana says:

    I just discovered your blog and will be following it regularly now. I have your books on the labyrinth and love the way you use poetry with the labyrinth.

    I enjoyed this post so much. In my travels (not nearly as much as yours) to visit our daughter who is a “global nomad”, Asia has been the area that we struggle with because their are so few Catholic or Christian churches. When we find one, we feel at home and love that feeling of oneness of God that comes with worshiping with others whose lives are so very different, yet so much the same. The thread of that oneness is sparkles. Yet, even when we enter a temple of another faith, we can find God in every corner. I think that is why we bother…to see that thread, to find God in the tiny corners of the world through all the wonders and all the people He has blessed us with the opportunity to find if we have eyes to see.

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