Come Along!

Welcome! I invite you to journey with me around the globe. May my images, words and prayers be an encouragement as you seek to know, love, and serve God better!

Leaving the United States, I’m heading back to Asia for the next two months. The question of “home” is vital to us all and very present to me as I separate from loved-ones and anticipate joyous reunions with beloved sisters and brothers half the world away. Is home a place? A cluster of relationships? A state of being? I wonder where you feel most at home?

Chartres-style labyrinth installed in Asia, 2009

When I close my eyes
travelling to the center of my Being,
I am Home.

When I put down my shopping bags
so that I can ring the bell
that sounds in God’s heart,
the front door opens, and I am greeted,
“Welcome home!”

When I lose myself
in service for the One I love,
I find myself at home.

When in the presence of those
whose faithfulness to Christ
shines through prayer,
I rest in their home,
that for a time becomes mine.

Home within
has meaning
that home without
only begins to mirror.

Home is where all is well.
Home is what we all need.
Home is where I long to rest.
Home is who I want to know.

Prayer: Home, may we all find our way to You. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Come Along!

  1. Stella says:

    This is very exciting! I like how you’ve already personalized the layout very beautifully. I’ll put this in my Google Reader, and look forward to all incoming photos in 2012!

  2. MJ McGregor says:

    Jill, blessings and safe travels!
    Last night Steve and I enjoyed seeing The Way. It was poignant, funny, beautiful – now a favorite that I recommend. I thought of you and Tim, Tim & Dan a lot. It enlivens again what an impressive pilgrimage you experienced.

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